Links re. Clark Ashton Smith

Klarkash-Ton on the Web

Gary Woodward's CAS page

Vathek's Shrine to CAS: includes text of a few Smith tales and several of his poems

Alan Gullette's excellent write-up on CAS

general write-up on his work

short write-up at a useful site, Arkham Archives

short biography in German

"Monsters from the Id" (2 tales)

"Farewell to Eros" (1 poem)

a selected bibliography

another bibliography

short story bibliography by Ian Davey

Necronomicon Press: where to order chapbooks, Tales of Zothique, Tales of Hyperborea, and The Dark Eidolon (journal of CAS scholarship)

price guide to Arkham House books

Tsathoggua Press catalog

Note: for the time being, this page will feature links related only to CAS. A good place to explore the Net resources related to H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos is Donovan K. Loucks' H. P. Lovecraft Page.