Patti Smith -- 1998 Concert Performances

3-09-98 Tibet-House Benefit, Carnegie Hall, NYC

4-03-98 Oliver Ray, CB's 313 Gallery, NYC *
(joined for 2 Songs by PS and PS*G)

4-11-98 Robert Hunter (End Set 2), Irving Plaza, NYC *
(PS joins Hunter for "New Speedway Boogie", and "Franklin Tower")

5-09-98 99x FreeTibet Concert, Chastain Park, Atlanta GA *

5-10-98 (Mother's Day) Live/Cybercast from Center Stage, Atlanta GA *
*A Flash of Lightning*: A Concert for the Dalai Lama. PS as MC Intros Sheryl Crow, Phillip Glass, Joan Osborne, & Monks.
PS*G is then Introed by Michael Stipe (REM).

5-14-98 Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC
*A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg*, PS Reads / PS*G Performs. Also Appearing: Phillip Glass, Natalie Merchant, the Fugs, Others.

5-25-98 *Janet Hamill and Moving Star*, The Knitting Factory, NYC
Patti Smith joins on Clarinet for 2 Songs.

6-05-98 Huerta de San Vicente, Granada Spain *
Patti Smith w/ Oliver Ray, A Reading With Guitars. On the Occasion of
*Lorca and Popular Music / A Centenary Celebration*

6-14-98 Guinness Fleadh / Day 2 (Outdoors/Rain), PS*G, Randall's Island, NYC *

7-28-98 Bowery Ballroom, NYC / Bowery I, PS*G,
Support: Tom Verlaine/Jimmy Ripp

7-29-98 Bowery Ballroom, NYC / Bowery II, PS*G,
Support: Tom Verlaine/Jimmy Ripp

7-30-98 Bowery Ballroom, NYC / Bowery III, PS*G,
Support: Tom Verlaine/Jimmy Ripp
In the Presence of Beverly Smith (MomBev) - Patti's Mom - And Many babelistas.

7-31-98 Bowery Ballroom, NYC / Bowery IV, PS*G,
Support: Tom Verlaine/Jimmy Ripp

8-04-98 PS*G; Domplatz, Salzburg Cathedral; SOMMERSZENE FESTIVAL, Salzburg Austria *

8-05-98 PS*G Headliner - No Support; Arena-Open-Air-Site; Vienna Austria *

8-06-98 PS*G, Main Stage, Obuda Island Festival, Budapest Hungary *

Copyright © Steve Jackson 1998

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