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VideoTape(s) - To Date

Blank Generation
*(A Complete Copy of the Amos Poe Film? Duration? Date?)

Assorted TV clips (2 tapes, some repeats)
*(Needs detailed listing.)

Patti Smith in Still Moving
*(A Complete Copy of the Robert Mapplethorpe Film? 12.5 minutes? Date?)

PSG RockPalast '79, Concert+Interview, Broadcast (German TV), Essen, Germany *(Duration?)

PSG Live in Vienna 1979?

Dream of Life promo video
*(1988? Duration? Is this more than the "People Have The Power" video?)

"Looking for You" video from Dream of Life
*(1988? Duration?)

"People Have The Power" video from Dream of Life *(1988? Duration?)

Arista Birthday: AIDS Benefit 1990 ( Patti and Fred Perform Together.)
*(1989? Complete? Or "People Have The Power" Only? Some Reports
(Lisa Robinson, New York Post, next day) suggest they ALSO did a
Dylan Cover at the Benefit. Duration?)

Burroughs documentary
*(Date? Details? Duration?)

A Video Compilation, Produced by PBS & Robert Palmer, 1 Hour:
# 9 (Punk). An Excerpt from the Series;
Robert Palmer, Rock'n'Roll: An Unruly History - A 10 Hour Series
(C)1995 Robert Palmer/PBS (There is a Book by Palmer to Accompany this.)

A Video Compilation, Written, Produced and Directed by Ted Haimes, 1 Hour: # 9 (Punk). An Excerpt from the Series;
Warner/Time-Life, The History of Rock 'N' Roll - A 10 Hour Series
(C)1995 Time-Life Video & Television and Warner Bros.

Patti on Women In Rock
*(Date? Duration?)

Patti on Vh1 70's series
*(Date? Duration?)

PS*G at Beacon 1995
*(Date? Duration? Duet with Bob Dylan included?)

VH1 fashion segment with Patti Smith
*(Date? Duration?)

"Ain't nothing but a She thing"
*(Date? Duration?)

PS*G on Saturday Night Special 1996
*(Date? Duration?)

PS*G on David Letterman 6/19/96

Patti Smith on CNN 7/7/96

Vh1 LifeBeat AIDS benefit at Washington, DC (1996)
*(Date? Complete Show? or Patti Smith Only? Duration?)

"E-Bow" video

Empire, shepherd's Bush 8/7/96

PS*G on Jay Leno 9/13/96

PS*G on David Letterman 2/14/97

PS*G on Conan O'Brian - "11/14/97". ReBroadcast Night of 2/16/97

Hoboken 5/97
*(Date? Duration?)

Sessions at West 54th Street 9/27/97

PS*G on Conan O'Brian 11/14/97
"Don't Say Nothin'", w/ Michael Stipe as Guest Musician (Keyboards).

Patti Smith on Charlie Rose Fall 1997

PS*G on David Letterman 9/97
*(Date? Duration?)

CBGB's 10/28/97

CBGB's 10/31/97

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