people responsible for a patti smith babelogue

on january 1, 1998, fiona webster stepped down as the webmaster of this site. she created the site (with many collaborators!) on thanksgiving weekend, 1995-- the same time that the babel-list was formed.

the current webmaster is j.BOLt <>. he is a longtime patti fan and active contributor to the babel-list and babelogue site.

the site is, as always, fully collaborative, with contributions from all encouraged. its location should remain stable indefinitely on, fiona's personal domain.

this is, more or less, the breakdown of duties:

j.BOLt: chief honcho, webmaestro, main conduit for info, point person for questions/complaints/additions/corrections

anthony roukis: in charge of picture gallery (so send your photos & scans to him)

fiona webster: owner of website; continues to add older and miscellaneous backlogged material

other contributors (you!) including (so far):

peter allen, marguerita andreas, alison armstrong,
michael berch, tom bessoir, chris blake, ed borack, michael bowen, robert byler,
cassie carter, peter chowka, edward clough, marina crowley,
steve czapla,
j. daly, john degozzaldi, yves deplasse,
will elefante, jim english, michel esteban, dino everett,
mark faigenbaum, bob farace, ken feinleb, m. j. fine, amy finkle,
hugh finney, iain fisher, alan friedman,
tg, glenn gardner, al giordano, bill glahn, b. gordon,
bruce hanson, owen harris, jeff herrmann, joseph hill, nicholas hill,
john hutten,
bob ingria,
mark johnston, pete johnston,
kaos, ethan kaplan, laurie katz, jonathan kaye, helga kelly, steve kenney, jay kessel, pattie kleinke, martin klimes,
cat liles, david lloyd, john lovett,
steve m., sydney mccutcheon, nick messing, serge mironneau,
ellen paluck, douglas penn, marc posner, jimmie purvis,
valeriano riva, caryn rose, cathy ross-burdin, andrew russ, tony rzepela,
p. salinger, gary schulstad, patricia schwartz, jackie sheeler,
beverly smith, wilson smith, michael solomon, meg stein, mark sullivan,
françois szép,
kenichi takeda, stephen tan, aizawa toshiyuki,
brian wahl, john waldman, tom wear, dan whitworth, shelley williams, andrew wilson,
jessie zoldak
a special thanks to michael berch, who donates the babelogue site space on his postmodern server for the picture and art galleries. and thanks to other people (such as tony rzepela and mitch gart) who have pages that are included in the site.

please keep those ideas and contributions flowing... direct them to j.BOLt

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