review of 01/11/97 concert, tokyo, japan

[contributed by Aizawa Toshiyuki]

I just came back from Patti Smith's third show in Tokyo. It was Saturday night, and there seemed to be about 1500 people in the audience.

Tonight, she dedicated "Because the Night" to Uwa, a Japanese singer who covers "Because The Night." Someone asked "Who's that?" Patti replied, "A beautiful young Japanese lady, who is soon going to have a baby." Lenny dedicated his song to a Japanese friend; someone who had invited Lenny to Japan to play at a club called Inkstick at Roppongi, Tokyo.

Just as she had done last night, Patti held a hamaya in her hand when singing "Ghost Dance." Hamaya is an arrow, which the Japanese buy at shrines when they go there on New Year Day.

Before playing Oliver's new song, Patti mentioned that she will begin recording her next album when she returns home. "So we'll take your energy with us," she told the excited audience.

Tonight's set list (as much as I can remember):

People Have The Power
Wicked Messenger
Dancing Barefoot
Redondo Beach
Ghost Dance
Southern Cross
Acoustic song
Song by Lenny
Ain't It Strange
Oliver's new song
About A Boy
Because The Night
Summer Cannibals
Wild Leaves
Gone Again
Not Fade Away

First Encore:
Rock 'N' Roll Nigger / Gloria

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