review of 4/12/97 concert, brownie's, nyc

[contributed by J. Daly]

Well, the Tom Clark benefit at Brownies was really great. Brownies is a small club: there were 200 tickets sold.

Tom is a sometimes-musician and bartender who tends bar at 2A, a bar a few blocks from Brownies in the East Village. His Dad died in February. When he was helping move stuff out of his Dad's house, he broke his leg and hasn't been able to work. So, his friends Lenny Kaye and Dick Manatoba arranged this benefit to help him out.

Tom was at the benefit with a bright red cast on his leg (he also played a set).

There were a number of really good sets..but I'll focus on Patti and her band.

Lenny Kaye played with Tony and JayDee. A somewhat wasted-looking Oliver wandered on and off the stage, playing a few chords, leaving, sitting on the side of the stage, and coming back again, leaving again... Lenny and Tony looked at each other and rolled their eyes and shrugged. Lenny, Tony and JayDee were in great form and sounded better than I've ever heard them (having seen Lenny play at a few club dates over the past year).

Next, Jim Carroll took the stage, backed by Lenny, Jay Dee, Tony, and a lead guitarist (sorry, didn't get his name). He sounded great too -- performing "Wicked Gravity," "It's Too Late" and "People Who Died" from his first album. They also did another song that he announced was an "oldie." Jim and the band sounded really together (and Jim announced that they had only rehearsed once). I saw Carroll perform these songs once in 79 or 80 (whenever that album came out), and I've seen him read a few times. This was the best (thanks to Lenny et al).

Marshall Crenshaw played a set after Jim.

Next, the band returned and Patti took the stage (with Jackson at the side of the stage, but not performing).

They opened with "Kimberly." Next they did "People Have the Power." Then, Patti strapped on her old Fender Duo Sonic and played some wild guitar on "Radio Ethiopia." Her "rap" on "Radio Ethiopia" was mainly about death and watching someone die peacefully (Ginsberg?). The song sequed into "I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry." Finally, they did a rousing version of "Who Do You Love" (the song they did on Letterman a month or so ago).

It was a great show. The band sounded fantastic and well rehearsed. Tony and JayDee are always great, and Lenny was as good as I've ever heard him. Oliver was back with the band when Patti performed and sounded fine. Patti was radiant, in a great mood, and in full loud rock 'n roll form (no acoustic guitars in sight...). Lenny played his sunburst strat, and Oliver played a black PRS.

Copyright © J. Daly 1997

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