A Memoir of the 12/06/97 Poughkeepsie (Bardavon), NY, Concert

A Patti Experience

by Tamela Sloan

So now after almost two weeks have gone by I would like to share with the list my Patti experience at the Bardavon in Poughkeepsie. I have been working as a freelance stage tech for 15 years, and have worked at the Bardavon most of that time. We worked very hard for two years to get a date with Patti, and as you all know it was well worth it. As we all waited with great anticipation for the show date, we made sure all our frinds had tickets, and we postered all of the three counties where we live.

December 6th, finally, and the first thing we do is prepare her dressing room with a comfortable couch, soft lights, candles, and gardenias floating in water. It's so warm and cozy now. All of us are pacing around the theater, and I look outside the front door: and there she is! With a big smile; the warmth emanating from her; She loves the marquee, she loves the bulding.... She takes time to talk to all of us who are working - shaking hands and thanking us for all the sweet letters to her mom asking if Patti could come play at our house. She gets up on the office desk to sign a poster we have on the wall; She is truly bringing the best energy I have ever felt into this great old Opera House. And there have been a lot of great people here.

Then, the crowd: For me it was like seeing a full circle reunion of old friends, new friends, and family. I met many babel-list-ers: Guiessipe(sp?), Steve, Alison, Nicole, Cindy - I hope I'm remembering everone - as well as people met through the years of working in the music world. I know it was hard for everyone to know how to act in a building like the bardavon; its not CBGBs. But I know Security was told not to stop people from going down front. There was a kind of mesmerizing effect in the building.... I think, overall, everone had fun.

I had to run a spot light during the show, so I had to keep my wits about me. Just a little dancing and screaming.... But still, an amazing show.

After the show everyone was very happy, and we all helped pack up the gear; And played with Jessie, and Jackson. A great time had by all. But then we had to say good-by, and as Patti walked around thanking everone she said she wanted to come back.... Yeah! OK! Anytime!

It is very hard to put into words how I felt after meeting Patti in such a comfortable setting; And getting to know her a little, I feel like a friend. The way she treated us as well: Very real, very warm, and very professional. I happen to respect that.

So just when we start comming down from the Experience itself, I open the Poughkeepsie Journal rag and there is a half page ad from Arista and Media Play record store. Full picture of Patti; and in her handwriting:

"Thank you Poughkeepsie, we had a great time. And as the good sheriff said: I shall return."

WOW! We were all so floored; But thanks to Arista, thanks to Patti.... She keeps on warming our hearts....

I hope this long post was of some interest to some of you; Thanks for everthing.

Copyright © Tamela Sloan 1998

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