promo stuff for gone again

"thank god we're not a bunch of crazed fan freaks obsessed with detailing every minute manifestation of our idol's existence"
dan whitworth

here's a list of the materials we've heard about so far that have been distributed for the promotion of gone again:

—cd sampler (arista ascd-3219) w/ 4 songs: "gone again," "beneath the southern cross," "about a boy," and "summer cannibals": package is clear jewel box w/ no insert (all of these cd's are marked "for promo only")

—cd of gone again (arista 00696-18747-2): package is just a black folded cardboard cover w/ white writing on front: "PATTI SMITH GONE AGAIN for in store play" and titles of songs on back

—cd of gone again (arista arcd-8747): package is jewel box w/ artwork of some of patti's handwritten lyrics for "gone again," in dark gray on a black background

—cd of "summer cannibals" (arista ascd-3008): package is jewel box w/ odilon redon's 1907 oil painting "oannès, or christ and the serpent" reproduced on the cover; length of song is 4:10 (same as listed on cd's above); lyrics are included

—cd "greatest hits" collection (arista -----): package is jewel box w/ photo by annie leibovitz as on; this promo cd is included in the patti smith masters boxed set

—12-minute video for distribution to tv stations: labeled "PATTI SMITH GONE AGAIN video postcard," it is packaged in a charcoal grey box w/ white lettering. the box has a wrap around fold out cover that contains the patti chronology that appears inside the promo ("greatest hits") cd. it also includes the photo of patti sitting with guitar from gone again. the video opens with an amazing rare video of patti (looking very young) with lenny kaye at max's kansas city. it's full of clips from saturday night live and old grey whistle tests (labeled midnight special), and kids are people too. it also includes footage from the rockpalast performance in germany, and the 1990 arista 15th anniversary performance with fred smith. it has footage of michael stipe, bono, and lenny kaye talking about patti, and a short snippet of a lisa robinson interview w/ patti.

—large b & w poster w/ annie leibovitz's cover photo (patti with her head down) for gone again, and "PATTI SMITH GONE AGAIN the new album" in white letters to the side (unlike square cd art, poster is rectangular); back of poster advertises patti smith masters (6-cd boxed set), w/ cover art from 5 previous albums

— larger version of same poster, with plain white back

—small square b & w poster (size of an lp) w/ same photo and same layout as gone again cover art

—glossy 8" x 11" page (typical arista promo photo w/ white border) w/ annie leibovitz photo

—stiff paper bookmark w/ detail from gone again photo, and the following quotations:      -- "she isn't returning as just a treasured voice from the 70s, but as a valuable one for the 90s" (los angeles times, march 1996)
     -- "riveting new songs like the forceful 'gone again' prove she remains a vital contemporary artist" (**** usa today, march 1996)

—a 5" by 7" postcard of the same leibowitz photo as on glossy 8" x 11" listed above. the photo itself is 4" by 5.25", uncropped, against a white background, with patti's name underneath, and the arista logo below that (at a suitably respectful distance). the back is blank.

—a 6" by 8" booklet, 8 pages. printed on pale greenish/gray paper with a 3/4 inch black border on all pages, including covers. front cover reads, in small, centered type:


(all in black type except for album title, in brown or maroon)

true to its title, the booklet contains four pages: the current arista biography. the back cover is blank except for the black border, again, and the arista logo.

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