the babel-list

"at that tower of babel
they knew what they were after
they knew what they were after"


get in touch w/ other patti fans, find out about tape trading and tape trees for live performances, and join the babel: the babel-list is an internet mailing list devoted to the discussion of the work of patti smith and topics of interest to patti smith fans. it was started on thanksgiving, 1995.

to join the list, send e-mail to <> with the following message in the body:

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or, if you want the digest version, send the message:

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the list owner is michael berch <>

please send all list-related questions to michael (not j.BOLt or fiona).

babel-listers' websites

(sites marked with * have original patti smith content)

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Shelley Williams' WebSite: "It's all about Patti!"*

Jenny de Groots' femailart WebSite

poetdncr Lori: Art, Photos, Law, Finance,...

band bio for luther dudich*

ethan kaplan's*

douglas penn's babu

tony rzepela's home page*

jeff schwartz's home page

wilson smith's neslonnet

meg stein's omega female*

brian thomas' cafénet*

marc van gurp's home page

fiona webster's ragged entelechy*

dan whitworth's terrain vague

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