lyrics to patti smith songs

about a boy (patti smith)
ain't it strange (patti smith, ivan kral)
as the night goes by (patti smith)
ask the angels (patti smith, ivan kral)
babelogue (patti smith)
because the night (patti smith, bruce springsteen)
beneath the southern cross (patti smith, lenny kaye)
birdland (patti smith, richard sohl, lenny kaye, ivan kral)
blue poles (patti smith, oliver ray)
break it up (patti smith, tom verlaine)
broken flag (patti smith, lenny kaye)
chiklets (patti smith)
citizen ship (patti smith, ivan kral)
come back little sheba (patti smith)
dancing barefoot (patti smith, ivan kral)
dead city (patti smith, oliver ray)
dead to the world (patti smith)
death singing (patti smith)
distant fingers (patti smith, allen lanier)
don't say nothing (patti smith, jay dee daugherty)
dream of life (patti smith, fred smith)
easter (patti smith, jay dee daugherty)
elegie (patti smith, allen lanier)
farewell reel (patti smith)
fire of unknown origin (patti smith, lenny kaye)
fireflies (patti smith, oliver ray)
frederick (patti smith)
free money (patti smith, lenny kaye)
ghost dance (patti smith, lenny kaye)
     --in excelsis deo (patti smith)
     --gloria (version) (van morrison)
godspeed (patti smith, ivan kral)
going under (patti smith, fred smith)
gone again (fred smith, patti smith)
hey joe (version)
     --sixty days (patti smith)
     --hey joe (version) (william roberts)
high on rebellion (patti smith)
hymn (patti smith, lenny kaye)
it takes time (patti smith, fred smith)
the jackson song (patti smith, fred smith)
kimberly (patti smith, allen lanier, ivan kral)
     --horses (patti smith)
     --land of a thousand dances (chris kenner, antoine dominoe)
     --la mer(de) (patti smith)
last call (patti smith, oliver ray)
looking for you (I was) (patti smith, fred smith)
memento mori (patti smith, lenny kaye, oliver ray, j.d.daugherty, tony shanahan)
memorial tribute (patti smith)
my madrigal (patti smith, luis resto)
l959 (patti smith, tony shanahan)
paths that cross (patti smith, fred smith)
people have the power (patti smith, fred smith)
piss factory (patti smith, richard sohl)
pissing in a river (patti smith, ivan kral)
poppies (patti smith, richard sohl)
privilege (set me free) (mike leander, mark london, w/ 23rd psalm)
pumping (my heart) (patti smith, ivan kral, jay dee daugherty)
radio ethiopia / abyssinia (patti smith, lenny kaye, richard sohl)
ravens (patti smith)
redondo beach (patti smith, richard sohl, lenny kaye)
revenge (patti smith, ivan kral)
rock n roll nigger (patti smith, lenny kaye)
seven ways of going (patti smith group)
so you wanna be (a rock 'n' roll star) (james mcguinn, christopher hillman)
somalia (patti smith)
space monkey (patti smith, ivan kral, tom verlaine)
spell (allen ginsberg)
summer cannibals (fred smith, patti smith)
till victory (patti smith, lenny kaye)
25th floor (patti smith, ivan kral)
up there down there (patti smith, fred smith)
waiting underground (patti smith, oliver ray)
wave (patti smith)
we three (patti smith)
where duty calls (patti smith, fred smith)
whirl away (patti smith, lenny kaye, oliver ray)
wild leaves (patti smith, fred smith)
wing (patti smith)

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NB: most of these lyrics were transcribed by babel-listers by listening to the songs, so they may not correspond word for word with miscellaneous print versions; we are also indebted to patti smith complete: lyrics, reflections, & notes for the future (new york:doubleday, 1998) for assistance with rare songs; copyrights as listed below are to the best of our knowledge; corrections of copyright listings are welcome

hey joe -- copyright © third story music co.
unless otherwise noted, songs on horses copyright © 1975 linda music corp.
break it up -- copyright © double exposure ltd. (verlaine music)
gloria -- copyright © bernice music
all songs on radio ethiopia copyright © 1976 linda music corp.
unless otherwise noted, songs on easter copyright © 1978 ninja music
space monkey -- copyright © 1975, 1978 linda music corp.
because the night -- copyright © 1978 ramrod music.
privilege (set me free) -- copyright © 1967, 1978 leeds music ltd.
we three, babelogue, high on rebellion -- copyright © 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 druse music
unless otherwise noted, songs on wave copyright © 1979 ninja music
(so you wanna be) a rock 'n' roll star -- copyright © tickson music
wave -- copyright © 1979 druse music
all songs on dream of life copyright © 1988 druse music inc./ stratium music inc.
all songs on gone again copyright © 1996 druse music inc./ stratium music inc / yam gruel music / guitarget music
songs on peace and noise copyrights as listed on individual pages

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