how to write to patti and the band

lenny kaye apparently picks up the mail at this first address:
p.o. box 407
murray hill stat.
nyc, ny 10016
beverly smith (patti's mom) picks up the mail at this one:
p.o. box 188
mantua, nj 08051
please note: beverly smith asks that you please not send her tapes or manuscripts for patti to listen to or read. bev says that patti appreciates that her fans want her opinion of their work, but that she doesn't have time to listen to tapes or read manuscripts. bev is running out of space in her house to store them all! quote from patti: "it would be much better for them if they sent the tapes and manuscripts to a publisher."

and here is the info for arista records:

arista records
6 w. 57th st.
new york, ny 10019-3913
(212) 489-7400

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