SHARK-L Mailing List

I organized this mailing list. You can be a part of it.
Come join us in our celebration of all things sharky.

Here's our official charter:

Sharks and Cartilaginous Fish Discussion

SHARK-L is a general-interest forum for discussions about sharks (and other cartilaginous fishes, such as skates, rays, chimaeras). Topics on SHARK-L include shark biology, behavior and evolution, stories about diving with sharks, sharks in the media, shark folklore, sharks' relationship with human beings, shark conservation efforts, and resources for shark aficionados. SHARK-L is an informal, conversational list for both lay people and scientists. If you want to talk about sharks, SHARK-L is the place to be!

To subscribe to SHARK-L, send a message to <> and put the following in the body of the message:

subscribe shark-l Your Name

To read the archives of SHARK-L, go to

IMPORTANT! If/when you want to UNsubscribe from the SHARK-L list, you can't do it by writing to the list. You have to write to the same computer where you subscribed, and talk in its persnickety computer language. Here's how:

Write to the listserver at UTC (Univ. of Tennessee at Chattanooga) by sending a message to <>. Put just the following words (nothing else) in the first line of your message:

signoff shark-l

But there's one trick to it: you have to be writing to the listserver at UTC from the same address you wrote when you subscribed. If you're writing to the listserver from inside of your Web browser, for example, your information in the browser needs to have exactly the same address as the one you subscribed with. Otherwise, it won't work. If that happens, you may have better luck writing from your regular mail program. Or else, you can just find your information in the browser and fix it: in Netscape, for example, you click Edit --> Preferences --> Mail & Newsgroups --> Identity. Once you've written to the SHARK-L listserver, you can change your "identity" back if that's not your current address.

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