Miscellaneous True Crime Links

This isn't intended to be an exhaustive link list, just some links that I visit for research and info related to my true crime book reviews. If you have a link to add, especially if it's related to true crime writers and/or books, feel free to drop me a line (see "Write to Fiona" below). I probably won't have time to respond, but will check our your link and put it up as soon as I can.


True Crime Ink (or same site w/o frames) -- a bookstore w/ lots of items, including out-of-print books and mags

Edgar Awards in Fact Crime 1948-1996


Edward Humes -- includes useful links re. juvenile justice and true crime


Knowledge Solutions -- useful page that includes forensic science courses, bookstore, and more

Crime Statistics -- tutorial, search engine, and guide to finding stats on the Web

Juvenile Crime Links

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Forensics Lab -- useful links to other forensic sites, references, FAQ, etc.

Crime Scene Training Update -- an online journal with interesting articles, editorials, and training info


Robert K. Ressler's Home Page (check out the links)

Pete McNab's True Crime Page -- includes FAQ for alt.true-crime

Primal Scream


Internet Crime Archives -- also includes mass murderers

Julia's Serial Killer Info Page


True Crime Is Ugly Write to Fiona Ragged Entelechy