Fiona's List of Where to Order Horror

DreamHaven Books & Comics

912 West Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 823-6070 (phone)
(612) 823-6062 (fax)
(800) 379-0657 (credit card orders)
Comments: Mix of sf/fantasy/horror; new, used, rare, collectible, magazines, tapes and other odds 'n' ends; Fedogan & Bremer, Arkham House; often have great sales on old paperbacks; friendly staff (Peder & Atom) who will gladly check their shelves for anything you desire, and do special/UK orders; ask for their catalog & get on their mailing list.

Mark V. Ziesing

P. O. Box 76
Shingletown, California 96088
(916) 474-1580
(7:30 AM - 2:30 PM PST Tues-Sat to get Mark or his wife Cindy -- answering machine and fax on same line)
Credit cards accepted

Comments: Wonderfully idiosyncratic inventory -- "our specialties are SF, fantasy, horror, sexuality, popular culture, mysticism, and the just plain goofy...Our list appeals to the eccentric and the compulsive bibliophile"; worth buying a book from them now and then just to stay on the mailing list for what is surely the most entertaining catalog in the book biz, with Mark's witty comments on every title and special features by writers such as Lucius Shepard; Ziesing also publishes of beautiful HC editions of John Shirley, Ray Garton, Lucius Shepard, and quite a few others. Also carries UK books.

Weinberg Books

15145 Oxford Drive
Oak Forest, IL 60452-2041
(708) 687-5765 (phone -- 12-5 CST Mon-Fri)
(708) 687-5791 (fax -- 10-7 CST Mon-Fri)
Credit cards accepted

Comments: Good for new books especially; focus on horror and the pulps; if you're lookin' for anthologies of old pulp tales or original old pulp mags, this is the place.

The Overlook Connection

Dave Hinchberger
P. O. Box 526
Woodstock, GA 30188
(770) 926-1762 (phone)
(770) 516-1469 (fax)
Credit cards accepted

Comments: The Overlook Connection began as strictly horror, but now stocks many genres. Dave has a basic catalog of items in print, many with author signatures for which he usually charges $1 over list price (cost of transport to and from the author). Also collectibles. Books arrive protected in plastic. They have a separate catalog of British imports.

Chris Drumm

P.O. Box 445
Polk City, Iowa 50226-0445
Phone (515) 984-6749 (before 9 PM CST)
Credit cards accepted

Comments: Mostly sf/fantasy but a good inventory of horror; new, used, tapes and odds 'n' ends; worth checking out for the Drumm-produced chapbooks and the voluminous list of used paperbacks in good condition and at fair prices. Chris can look up any author you want in his computer and send you a printout of what he's got available, so think of him as a well-organized used bookstore. This is a good place to fill in the gaps in your paperback horror from the past 2-3 decades. Be forewarned: each catalog only features a couple of letters of the alphabet's worth of his inventory, so be sure to ask over the phone for anything specific.

Jim Orbaugh

17144 Bernardo Oaks Drive
San Diego, CA 92128
(619) 676-6808 (phone)
(619) 676-6808-51 (fax)
No credit cards

Comments: Good selection of new and used horror, with extensive lists of King and Koontz titles. Good service: takes wish lists.

Nicholas Certo

P.O. Box 10305
Newburgh, NY 12552
Phone/Fax: (914) 566-4188
(phone orders 9AM - 9PM EST)
Probably doesn't take credit cards

Comments: new, used, rare,collectible, 1st eds.; old posters & miscellany; mix of horror/sf/fantasy, also a lot of crime fiction, mystery/detective, old pulp magazines and movie related books/items; Arkham House, especially old collectible Arkham House; nice catalog with art in it; good service.

Bump in the Night Books

133-135 Elfreths Alley
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
Phone (215) 925-4840
No credit cards

Comments: Small inventory; mostly horror with some sf; all hardcover; some first editions, some signed; excellent service.

L. W. Currey, Inc.

Water Street (Box 187)
Elizabethtown, N.Y. 12932
(518) 873-6477 (phone)
(518) 873-9105 (fax)
Credit cards accepted

Comments: no special focus on horror, and he's pricey, no denying it, but his catalogues are masterpieces of bibliography; and he has some of the rarest stuff in creation. Simply the best for antiquarian stuff.

Edward R. Hamilton

Falls Village, CT 06031-500
No phone, fax, or credit cards

Comments: Not focused on horror, but great for remainders of all kinds. Postage is $3.00, no matter how many books you order. They have a grungy tabloid-sized catalog printed on the cheapest newsprint -- the best remainders catalog in the business -- it comes out twice a month or so. And the outfit is extraordinarily reliable and fast.

Tall Tales

Michael S. Kerstetter
16219 S.E. 137th Pl.
Renton, WA 98059
(206) 228-2760 (phone)

Comments: Some horror amidst lots of sf/fantasy; fine 1st eds. and collectibles.

Booksellers on the Web

You should patronize small, independent booksellers as much as possible, because we all want them to stay in business. In addition to buying from those in the above list, another way of doing that is to check out the Advanced Book Exchange. This is a nifty service through which many small bookstores all over the country (including lots of used bookstores) list their inventories in a searchable database. You can search by category (and yes, they have horror!), by author/title/etc., and you can even set up your own wish list so you can get notified if a specific book comes into stock. The first time I went there I found half-a-dozen books I'd been searching for, unsuccessfully, for years. Other similar resources are ABAA Booknet and Bibliofind.

It's hard to keep this page up-to-date with all the many booksellers coming on line, so I'll just mention a few: Pandora's Books Online , run by Grant Thiessen and his wife, is a searchable online bookstore featuring out-of-print books in horror, fantasy, sf, etc. Their horror selection is not too big yet, but maybe they'll make it bigger if we patronize them. If you do nothing else, go to their page and vote on your top 10 horror books of all time, so we'll have an expanding database for that perennial question.

A well-known horror publisher is Donald Grant Books. His website has links to other fantasy/sf/horror publishers.

And finally, despite the fact that they may be taking sales away from the small independents, there's no denying the convenience of these two big web bookstores for in-print books: Books at

Bookstacks Unlimited at

They each have a large inventory with robust search capability, have good prices, take credit cards by phone, ship overseas as well as U.S., and most importantly, carry almost all of the small-press horror that isn't available at your local bookstore.

Amazon, for example, has nearly have everything in print and has 20%-40% off pricing. (But I write book reviews for Amazon now, so what do I know? <grin>) Amazon does have better service than Bookstacks, especially with regard to the quality of their packing. Also: Amazon has a nice feature where they will notify you when they receive authors or titles you specify -- a good way of finding out, for example, when something comes out in paperback.

By the way, I edit the Horror Category page at Amazon: if you go there and look under Delivers in the lower lefthand corner, there's a place to sign up for my monthly updates about new horror fiction, articles, etc. (Don't worry: you won't get any spam.)

A Note on the UK

A lot of good horror is published in the UK and only slowly, if ever, makes it across the Atlantic. Some of the dealers above will carry UK titles, and Amazon Books has many UK titles, but if you can't find what you're looking for that way, you can always order either from or:

Forbidden Planet
Phone: 011-44-171-497-2150
No fax or e-mail.
Credit cards accepted.

Comments: Friendly staff in famous London store dedicated to sf/fantasy/horror genres.

NOTE: This list is still growing -- let me know of other dealers in horror you've had good experiences with.

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