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"The horror of that moment," the King went on,
"I shall never, never forget!"

"You will, though," the Queen said, "if you don't make a memorandum of it."

-- Lewis Carroll
[art by Dan Brereton]
© Dan Brereton 1993 

Note for TRUE CRIME fans: my True Crime page now features an archive of 95 short book reviews.

The Morbid Muse: A Gallery of Grotesque Art

From the 16th century to the 20th, artists have depicted their visions of the macabre...
Recent Horror Reading

All my recent reading is included in the updated version of my Reviews for Amazon Books

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Pieces of Grue

Amontillado | How to Pick 'Em Out | SK's Misery | Why You Should Read Cormac McCarthy | Stephen Gregory Does a Good Badger | "Jacob's Ladder" | Little Cruelties | What Other People Think

Horrific Art

Ian McDowell's Homunculus #3 (18 Kb)

Mini-Reviews for Amazon Books

Links to all the reviews Fiona wrote during her tenure as the official Horror Editor at

Selections from the Vault

From various net-writers, collected over the years....

    Whither Horror? Or: Will Horror Wither?
    "The Grim Phantasm, FEAR"
    The Tale of the Sawney Beanes

"Dark Currents in the Main Stream"

Is genre horror substantively different from mainstream literature with horrific themes?

Best Horror Books Since (roughly) 1980

Not the end-all and be-all of horror reading lists, and it needs to be annotated for sure, but this is my current list of contemporary favorites. You may find a few you didn't know about. (Note on 3/8/98: Changes planned for this list, and other lists to be added, later in the year...)

Ever-expanding List of Favorite Horror Tales

'Sorry I haven't added to it in so long, but I've been keeping all of y'all's great suggestions, and will revamp it later in the spring when I do the recommendations lists.

Fiona's Horror Bio

She hasn't always been into horror...

True Crime is Ugly (but fun to read about)

As a freelance book reviewer, I cover true crime books as well as horror fiction. If you like nonfiction books about serial killers, murderers, and criminals of all kinds, check out this page.

If You Must Depart...

You'll find just about everything horrific worth getting to, either at The Dark Side of the Net or The Cabinet of Dr. Casey.

For other sites with a literary focus, check out DarkEcho, HorrorNet, and Masters of Terror.

And you might enjoy contributing your vote to this long-running poll about Stephen King favorites.

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