Let me first say that I'm not an expert on sharks. I put this website together because I've been a lover of sharks since I was a little girl, and I think sharks have an undeservedly bad reputation. I get a lot of e-mail, so before you write to me, please take a moment to read these responses to commonly asked questions:
  • Do you need to know something about sharks or shark conservation efforts?  Subscribe to the SHARK-L mailing list, where many shark experts and shark enthusiasts hang out. It's not a high-traffic list, people are friendly there, and you can always unsubscribe after you get your question answered. (Note that there are searchable archives for the list.)

  • Are you looking for a specific shark picture or shark-related resource?  Everything I know about is already listed on the shark links page.

  • Are you trying to find out where to buy a certain shark-related item?  Everything I know about is already listed on the shark links page under "Gifts."

  • Are you asking permission for something?  Of course you may link to this site if you wish to (and thanks!). The clip art is free, and you can download it and use it as you wish. All the other graphics are either my own and may not be used, or someone else's and I don't know how you can get permission to use it.

  • Are you having trouble downloading the graphics or the clip art?  I can't help you, I'm afraid. Ask someone who knows about your browser.
If you just want to say "hi", or if you still have a question--and especially if you have a picture, link, story, shark site of your own, or idea for this website--or a report of a broken link--write to me at fi@oceanstar.com. (Note: "oceanstar" is not an organization -- it's just my personal domain name.)

Please don't be put off if it takes me a while to write back. I do appreciate your mail!