patti smith: commentary on her work

"i'm constantly being portrayed in one skin, in one guise, whereas i'm impossible to pin down. i'm not a defensive chameleon. i'm just one who changes from moment to moment. but critics have this great aristotelian point of view, they want to classify everything."

4/02 -- transcript of radio review of land

11/99 -- city slang;
the release of the 2nd full-length recording by sonic's rendezvous band: detroit mi, 7 dec 1999.

05/98 -- michael stipe; 5/01/98 nypost interview by lisa robinson:

two times intro: on the road with patti smith.

03/98 -- two readers reply, in mar 98 a&u.

11/97 -- salon review of david letterman compilation

'97 -- reviews of peace and noise

'96 -- reviews of gone again

12/96 -- a short essay by camille paglia from civilization

11/96 -- carla bozulich (of geraldine fibbers) in alternative press

7/96 -- negative article from new statesman

6/96 -- a personal essay about patti past and present

2/96 -- a conversion experience (after a 10/95 show in cambridge, mass.)

11/95 -- tale of a close encounter

9/8/95 -- short l. a. times article on a reading in southern california

9/95 -- see links at top of interview with big o, which named horses their #1 album since '75

'95 -- an essay by kristin hersh (of throwing muses)

'95 -- interesting criticism from a book called the sex revolts

'95 -- comments re. place in women's rock from she bop by lucy o'brien

10/88 -- review of dream of life in penthouse

8/87 -- retrospective rolling stone review of horses

9/79 -- wembley arena, uk, 09/12/79 concert melody maker's review of patti's last uk appearance for 17 years.

8/79 -- article on a joint appearance of the psg and sonic rendezvous band

6/79 -- rolling stone review of wave

5/79 -- melody maker review of wave

2/79 -- other stages review of cowboy mouth

7/78 -- rolling stone concert review

7/78 -- rolling stone cover story

6/78 -- nick tosches' creem review of easter

5/78 -- review of easter in crawdaddy

5/78 -- lester bangs' review of easter in phonograph record magazine

4/78 -- rainbow theatre, london, 04/01/78 concert in melody maker

4/78 -- dave marsh's rolling stone review of easter

3/78 -- melody maker review of easter

2/78 -- intro to review of babel in new york times book review

'78 -- circus review of easter

'77 -- hit parader review of planetarium gig

'77 -- comments on early poetry in oxford literary review

1/77 -- richard meltzer's review of radio ethiopia in creem

1/77 -- dave marsh's review of radio ethiopia in rolling stone

10/76 -- melody maker's negative review of radio ethiopia

'76 -- new musical express feature article

'76 -- article in in the know

3/76 -- a diatribe against patti in after dark magazine

2/76 -- original rolling stone review of horses

2/76 -- san francisco chronicle review of a boarding house performance.

1/76 -- short article in time

11/75 -- review of horses by greil marcus in village voice

11/75 -- an important review of horses by charles shaar murray in new musical express

8/75 -- rolling stone review of the same other end gig

7/75 -- james wolcott's account of the other end gig where dylan "blessed" patti by appearing

'75 -- new musical express review of a cbgb's appearance

9/74 -- after dark review of cowboy mouth

4/74 -- creem review of a reno sweeney's show

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