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"I like performing anywhere there's a lot of energy. Like Jesus says, when two people are gathered together in my name. Well, I feel the same way. I like performing in an interview situation or for 4,000 people or in a club. As long as all the energy is directed toward the same place."

[Note: listed dates for print media are dates of publication, not necessarily dates of interviews]

11/12/98 with Rolling Stone (re. Clinton fiasco)

01/98 with Mojo Magazine January 1998.

01/98 on Shaktisound (With Lenny Kaye's Brother-in-Law, Webmaster/Musician Thomas Richardson (aka Ras); On His WebSite.)

12/97 with the Boston Globe December 2, 1997.

11/97 The *Official* Version of the Patti Smith / Rocktropolis Chat
Transcript, is Abridged in that *Only* the questions from the "Moderator"
are transcribed; Whereas *All* of Patti's Answers are given.
-- An Enhanced Version of the Chat: Patti's Cyber-Chat - Part I; And,
Patti's Cyber-Chat - Part II.

11/97 with allstar (Rocktropolis)

11/97 with Stomp and Stammer.

09/97 with philadelphia city paper

09/97 with philadelphia inquirer

08/97 with Benjamin. The Vocalist with *Smoke*. There is Patti Smith Content.

01/97 with the age

01/97 with the australian

07/96 with bam magazine

07/96 with uno mas

07/96 with shambhala sun

06/22/96 with the guardian

06/96 with terry gross on national public radio

06/96 with new york times

05/96 with lisa robinson in elle

03/96 with sonicnet music news

01/96 with thurston moore in bomb

--A short piece by Thurston Moore which is a great Addendum to his Previously published 1996 Bomb Interview with Patti.

12/12/95 with the new york times

11/95 with philadelphia weekly and city paper

09/95 with big o

08/95 with the village voice

1988 with tower records' pulse!

10/88 with the music paper

05/88 with interview

04/88 with spin (actually 3/79 with william s. burroughs)

06/79 with new york rocker

09/78 with creem

08/78 with stereo review

1978-81 with hit parader and new york rocker (news items re. end of the patti smith group)

1978 (again) with hit parader

1978 with WNEW in nyc

1978 with philadelphia inquirer

1978 with japanese television

1978 (again) with hit parader

1978 with circus

03/78 with melody maker

03/78 with lisa robinson in hit parader

11/77 with acid rock

10/77 with patti smith fan club journal

07/77 with hit parader

06/77 with hit parader

04/77 with patti smith fan club journal

03/77 with "miles," published in john bauldie's wanted man

01/77 with club quest

12/76 with circus magazine

11/76 with WNEW in nyc

11/76 (realaudio) at loyola college

10/76 with british press (in melody maker)

07/76 with oui

05/76 with melody maker

04/76 with penthouse

01/76 with hit parader

01/76 with rolling stone

12/75 with newsweek

12/75 with crawdaddy

12/75 with new times magazine

12/75 with the new york times magazine

09/75 with mademoiselle

1975 with hit parader

09/74 with after dark

1973 with andy warhol's interview

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